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Hi, I'm Jeremy, a dad, husband, morning lark, and introvert who sneezes in sunlight. I design interfaces between people & computers from Santa Cruz, California. What am I doing now?

Contact me at moc.liamg@nottirbeymerej

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Career so far

23 years designing fast, stable & delightful software. Focused on platforms and tools for creating things ("productivity").

Design is my well-worn hat, but I have product and technical hats, too. Player-coach.

Was partner at ZURB (8⅙ years). Designed products for Facebook, 23andMe, eBay, Photobucket, NYSE, and 200 other companies. Incubated our own startup and rippled the pond with Foundation.

Led design and then product at Zazzle (2⅓ years), a goofy-named company with awesome on-demand manufacturing tech and creative tools under the hood. Invented, rebranded, saved Christmas once.

Founding product designer at Coda (1⅝ years) where we gave everyone a familiar docs-and-spreadsheets interface for creating custom applications. Made lifelong friends. Earned a patent.

Head of design & research at Looker (3⅝ years), chasing the same vision as Coda but from the data side. Small wins, big wins. Made lifelong friends. Bittersweet acquisition by Google.

Co-founded and bootstrapped Jump (pandemic years), to let people write software in plain English and point-and-click pre-LLM. Tech worked, timing didn't...

Now head of design at Turnstile (2+ years), an end-to-end revenue platform. We try to let companies price their products & services any way they want, then promise to tame the chaos that follows.

Embracing sea change.

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