What I'm up to now

Last updated SUNDAY, February 18, 2024

Recovering from "home reno"

It's been a year since we moved back into our construction site. Now it's a home, 85% finished. The experience? Like laying hundreds of tiny pieces of track in front of a moving train, while running out of track in the bank. 🥵 Still recovering, still chipping away at it.

Using artificial intelligence every day

The limit on these technologies is our lack of imagination for when and where to use them, not what they can already do. Then again, each month unlocks some new capability that opens new possibilities for using it! (Read the two --honest parts. 🤯)

Took a class

Did a 3-week class on the premise that the normal mess of software development is not something we have to accept. A hundred thanks to Ryan Singer for inspiring insights and fruitful questions over the years. A thousand more for this class: Shaping In Real Life.

Two foundational concepts are "timebombs" and "hill climbs."

Built custom shelves, plopped a turntable on them

Resurrected my old Technics turntable SONY receiver, and wired it to our little mighty Audioengine speaker. The setup is a little glitchy, but it's a sweet "proof of life." 🎶

TOTK strategy

My 7th grader got me hooked on Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. He watches me 30% impressed, 70% eyerolling. My general strategy is, as one friend put it:

"Look! I've gotta see what's inside that hut over there!"

It's all about the journey, guys.

Book rush!

New Murderbot! New Ann Leckie! Binging Brubaker & Phillips graphic novels from Comicopolis.

Omg the rain

California went through decades of drought. It was kind of our thang. In the past two years we're suddenly threatening to float away into the ocean. Upside: we have legit pond.

Building a basketball app

Still chipping away on the side on a labor of love. Here's a proof of concept built this past weekend.

This is my now page. I recommend one!